Dikili Port Pier's alteration and repair was completed in 2000, and its width was extended from 9 meters to 15 meters and the length was extended from 110 meters to 132 meters. Followingly, the Port was transferred to Dikili Port and Tourism Management Trade Inc. by Privatization Administration on 10.11.2003

Dikili Port was founded for the execution of following services ; accommodation, loading- unloading, shifting, terminal services, pilotage, towage, mooring line, water supply to vessels, waste reception, passenger hall management, maintenance and repair, security service within the scope of, I.S.P.S. and subsistence. For enabling Rearranged passenger hall, customs directorate, customs enforcement directorate, coast health organization and maritime police transactions to be executed faster and in a short time; service is provided in administrative buildings where offices equipped with special computer in which agencies may work.

At the port, dry waste collection from the ships and water service are also supplied. At this port, which was equipped with stateof- the- art technology and aiming to supply the service quality complying with applicable standards, bulk cargo as well as cargo with package and pallet are provided service.

Enterprise was enhanced to (31.500 m2) in indoor depot and storehouse and to 22.500 m2 in open storehouses which are 4 km. away from the port area for importers and exporters as a result of relevant investments. Stockpiling and packaging services in depots are provided by Dikili Port Authority. Load types freighted and discharged at the port consist of; gold mine, sunflower, wheat, bentonite, dolomite, fertilizer, canola seed, clay, coal, marble, nitrate, pearlite, magnesite, ceramic , stone/quarts and flour .

Company takes it power from its investor aspect and powerful group structure. It has gained a good place in the sector due to ground and logistic support provided. Due to the works accomplished, herbal food import and export licenses have been received. Following these permissions, water deepness of the port was and due to marketing activities achieved; fertilizer, sunflower canola seed, flax seed and etc. products were initiated to be imported and exported from/ to the port successfully.